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Automotive Molded Rubber Parts

Today, automobiles driven for everyday use have parts and materials exhibiting a level performance that was previously only utilized in sports cars and high-end luxury vehicles. The result has been a focused demand on rubber material and parts for the automotive industry that drive these consumer trends.

Quality Products For Automotive Applications

Over these 35 years, what we do is about Rubber, with our experienced engineers and strictly quality control by following IATF we can manufacture high performance rubber parts for automotive industry. Today, we supply some of the most demanded materials and common parts used within the automotive world with the quality and custom manufacturing capability that allows the automotive world to continue to provide smoother rides and better performance.

Application of Rubber Products in Automotive

Engine Moutings
Rubber Coupling
Stabilizer Bushing
Suspension Bushing
Rubber Dust Boots
Tie Rod End Boots
Shock Absorber Boot
Cylinder Rubber Gasket
Rubber Sealing
Car Mirror Dust Cover
Intake Hose
Rubber Sleeve
Rubber Bellow

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