Giant Rubber Duck waddles into Kunming, SW China


The large yellow duck is a giant yellow duck artwork created by Dutch concept artist Florentine Hoffman. He has produced several styles, one of which is the largest in the world, measuring 26×20×32 meters.
In fact, the big yellow ducks that Hoffman exhibits around the world are not the same. The height of the big yellow duck in the Netherlands is only 5 meters, and the height of the big yellow duck in France is 26 meters. It is currently the largest big yellow duck in the world. It is 16.5 meters. Because Hoffman redesigned the size of his works according to different conditions such as weather, tides and placement in each city, and emphasized that they were made locally, he hoped that through the participation of each city in the production, local residents could be more interested in it. The rhubarb duck, later in Taiwan Kaohsiung, Taoyuan and Keelung, were 18 meters high, tied for the second largest rhubarb in the world and the tallest in Asia, but the rhubarb ducks in Taoyuan and Keelung were 1.3 times heavier for wind protection. The time limit is determined by the content of the contract.

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