Reclaimed rubber is widely used in rubber parts


In the rubber products industry, rubber parts are the general term for various special-shaped rubber products and rubber accessories. Compared with natural rubber, nitrile rubber, butyl rubber, ethylene propylene rubber and other raw rubber, reclaimed rubber not only retains the basic performance characteristics of the original rubber, but also can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials when used in the production of rubber products. Widely used in various rubber parts.

 rubber parts

When using reclaimed rubber to produce rubber parts, the rubber product must first determine the type of reclaimed rubber according to the use environment of the rubber part; again select the appropriate reclaimed rubber product according to the precision of the rubber part; select the appropriate index of reclaimed rubber and then according to the rubber parts Specific performance requirements determine the amount of reclaimed rubber added and the formula of each matching system.


The biggest purpose of rubber products manufacturers who choose to use reclaimed rubber to produce rubber parts is to reduce the cost of raw materials; while reducing costs and ensuring product quality, it is necessary to select the right reclaimed rubber, select the reclaimed rubber, and rationally design the reclaimed rubber parts formula, and strictly Control the operation of the production process; avoid serious quality problems of rubber parts caused by unreasonable use of reclaimed rubber, such as continued strength decline and increase in defective products; choose to cooperate with regular reclaimed rubber factories to ensure the quality stability of rubber parts.