Features of rubber sealing rings


The rubber sealing ring is an annular cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on a ring or washer of the bearing and contacts another ring or washer or forms a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent the leakage of lubricant and the intrusion of foreign objects.


1. The structure is simple and the sealing performance is good. The cross-sectional structure of the O-type rubber sealing ring is extremely simple, and it has a self-sealing effect and reliable sealing performance.


2. Convenient installation Because the O-shaped rubber sealing ring itself and the installation part structure are extremely simple, and have been standardized, it is very easy to install and replace.

 rubber sealing ring

3. Wide range of application. Through the selection of appropriate rubber materials and appropriate formulation design, an effective sealing effect on oil, water, air, gas and various chemical media is achieved. Wide temperature range -60℃~+220℃), the pressure can reach 1500Kg/cm2 in fixed use (used together with reinforcing ring)


4. Rich variety of materials suitable for various purposes, sizes and grooves have been standardized, rubber sealing rings are widely used in diesel locomotives, automobiles, tractors, engineering machinery, machine tools and various hydraulic and pneumatic components such as sealing, can bear the fixed, reciprocating and In the sealing of rotating motion, O-type rubber sealing ring accounts for more than 50% of the sealing of mechanical products. According to needs, it can produce various special-purpose sealing rings and special-shaped rubber sealing products for high temperature resistance, low temperature vacuum, high pressure and different media.