Rubber products in Medical Industry


Rubber products in Medical Industry

It is strange but true that rubber is such a commodity which finds its use in all aspects of life and various industries. The medical industry also make use of various rubber and rubber products.

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Starting from gloves to injection parts, to condoms to tubes to caps and stoppers, including wheels and casters fixed on hospital beds and trolleys, there are wide categories of products made of rubber, which are used in the medical and health care industry. The medical industry also make use of rubber rollers in medical chart recorders and medical imaging equipment. Latex rubber or natural rubber products constitute the largest sub-sector within the rubber industry used in medical sector. Medical devices of latex such as medical gloves, catheters, diaphragms have registered increases in demand. Since ancient times, liquid rubber is used in the making of medicines. Products made from natural rubber, engineering components and latex products which are used in the battle against AIDS and other disease are essential to modern life.

Importance of rubber in the medical industry can better be known from the following products:

Rubber Injection Parts
Medical Rubber Products
Rubber Gloves
Rubber Tubing
Rubber Rollers
Rubber Diaphragm
Rubber Cord