IIR Butyl Rubber Seal Ring


CR neoprene seal ring: sun-resistant, weather resistance is particularly good. Not afraid of dichlorofluoromethane and ammonia, refrigerant, dilute acid, and silicon-resistant lipid lubricating oil, but the amount of mineral oil in a low of the aniline is large. It is easy to crystallize at low temperatures. Suitable for a variety of environments that come into contact with atmosphere, sunlight, ozone and a sealing link of various flavor resistance, chemically resistant. It is not recommended to use chemicals of strong acid, nitroflicates, esters, chloroforms and ketones. Generally, the temperature range is from -55 to 120 ° C.

IIR butyl rubber seal ring: airtightness is particularly good, heat resistant, sun-resistant, ozone resistant, good insulation, etc. Plant oil or oxide. Suitable for chemicals or vacuum equipment. It is not recommended to use oil solvents, kerosene or aromatic hydrocarbons. Generally, the temperature range is -50 to 110 ° C.