Sources of rubber wastewater and chemical composition of pollutants, rubber wastewater treatment methods


1. The source of rubber wastewater and the chemical composition of pollutants

Rubber wastewater comes from wastewater and washing wastewater discharged from rubber processing, such as rubber tire factory wastewater, rubber recycling wastewater, rubber industrial product factory wastewater, butadiene rubber wastewater, styrene-butadiene rubber wastewater, natural latex processing wastewater, rubber emulsion polymerization production waste water, etc.

The chemical components of rubber wastewater pollutants are oils, salts, colloidal organic matter COD, ammonia nitrogen, suspended solids, sulfides, heavy metal ions, etc.

Second, the rubber wastewater treatment method

Rubber waste water implements "Rubber Products Industrial Pollutant Discharge Standard" (GB27632-2011)

Rubber wastewater treatment method:

1. Acid-base adjustment tank 2. Chemical coagulation treatment 3. Hydrolysis acidification tank 4. Contact oxidation tank 5. Sedimentation tank