What should be done when vulcanized rubber is bonded to metal?


What should be done when vulcanized rubber is bonded to metal?

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Bonding is one of the most important processes in the production of rubber and metal composite materials.

The first step: first use sanding or sandblasting to remove oil stains on the metal surface and clean it with a solvent. You can also use chemical treatment or anodizing to treat the metal surface;

Step 2: Polish with emery cloth and grinding wheel, clean with solvent, and treat the surface of vulcanized rubber;

The third step: Finishing the dried surface should be coated with adhesive as soon as possible, and then air-dried (to prevent dryness), laminating, rolling or applying a certain pressure, vulcanizing at room temperature or high temperature, the vulcanization time depends on the selection Of adhesives.

For all rubbe bonded to metal parts produced by LJ RUBBER MANUFACTURER, we will carry out relevant testings to check the bonding performance of the metal-to-rubber bonding, to ensure that all the metal bonded to rubber part are only allowed to be damaged in the rubber parts, the bonding part is work well without damage.