The Characteristics of Rubber Dust Covers


The Characteristics of Rubber Dust Covers

While the rubber dust cover realizes its function, it has more characteristic requirements. Although rubber dust covers are all made of rubber by name, there are many categories of rubber, and dust covers made of rubber of different categories have different characteristics. So the following content will give you a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the rubber dust cover and the characteristics of different materials.

Rubber dust cover characteristics requirements

1. Appropriate mechanical strength and hardness;

2. It does not soften or decompose under high temperature, and does not harden or brittle under low temperature;

3. The friction coefficient is small and the wear resistance is good;

4. Good aging resistance and durability;

5. Convenient processing and manufacturing, price, and easy to obtain materials.

6. The material has good compactness and is not easy to leak the medium;

7. Good compressibility and resilience, small permanent deformation;

8. Good corrosion resistance, can work for a long time in acid, alkali, oil and other media, its volume and hardness change little, and it does not adhere to the metal surface;

9. It has the flexibility to combine with the sealing surface;

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