What is SILICONE RUBBER used in Household application?


Silicone material is a kind of rubber and plastic materials. In theory, it also belongs to rubber. It is a synthetic silicone rubber material. The main components are white carbon black, silicone resin and dimethylsiloxane as raw rubber. It can only be done after mixing with reinforcing filler and curing agent. It is a soft solid rubber like rubber, but it has better performance, safety and environmental protection than rubber, so it is widely used in silicone daily necessities.

At present, there are many types of silicone products. The most prominent ones are: silicone buttons, silicone rubber seals, silicone mobile phone cases, children's teether and baby pacifier teether, kitchen utensils and silicone gift accessories, etc. Developed to the 4.0 era, the manufacturing industry has become the main core driving force for intelligent R&D and production. The upstream and downstream of organic silicon combined with electronic information generation will bring silica gel into our daily necessities as one of the main materials, mainly used in some electronic products combined with silicon Rubber led the introduction into the market and was recognized by consumers.