The definition of the rubber seals


High elastic polymer compounds. It is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is made by extracting gum from rubber trees, rubber grass and other plants; Synthetic rubber is obtained by polymerization of various monomers. Rubber products are widely used in all aspects of industry or life.

Rubber seals are a kind of general basic components in sealing devices, which play a very important role in the contradiction between leakage and sealing. Solve the problem of leakage and sealing in the process of human conquering nature. It has always been an important way to promote technological progress and prevent and reduce environmental pollution. Rubber seal is a kind of rubber products widely used in sealing technology. Because rubber is a valuable elastic polymer material with a wide temperature range, giving small stress in different media will produce large deformation. This deformation can provide contact pressure, compensate leakage gap and achieve the purpose of sealing.